Preorder Campaign Winners + More


A couple things:

First, winners have been chosen for the GLASS ARROW Preorder Campaign, hosted by Jean Book Nerd! Thank you to everyone who preordered the book. I seriously cannot thank you enough. The winners are as follows:

Adelynne Chang – Mention in the acknowledgements section of my next book, METALTOWN

Lindsay Woolcock – $50 Amazon Gift Card

Mary Hinson – Skype Call with yours truly!

Congrats! Check your email for more details. Thanks again to all. I wish you could see the giant hugs I am trying to give you through my laptop right now.

Second, the GLASS ARROW Blog Tour is currently going on! I had such fun putting together these posts. Included: a video of me dropping my book (smooth, Kristen), an interview with Kiran (But he can’t talk! So, how… You’ll just have to read to find out!), THE GLASS ARROW playlist, a BIG GIVEAWAY, lots of awesome reviews, and MORE! Check out all the awesomeness below:

February 10th Tuesday: Jean BookNerd VLOGPOST & RANDOM THINGS
February 10th Tuesday: Beauty and the Bookshelf FILL IN THE BLANKS
February 11th Wednesday: Fiction Fare REVIEW & GUEST POST
February 12th Thursday: Bookish INTERVIEW
February 13th Friday: Carina’s Books REVIEW & FILL IN THE BLANKS
February 14th Saturday: Storybook Slayers REVIEW & THIS OR THAT
February 15th Sunday: Library of a Book Witch REVIEW & MUSIC PLAYLIST
February 16th Monday: Spiced Latte Reads REVIEW
February 17th Tuesday: Swoony Boys Podcast REVIEW & INTERVIEW WITH KIRAN
February 18th Wednesday: Girl Meets Books DREAM CAST
February 19th Thursday: Her Book Thoughts! REVIEW & GUEST POST
February 20th Friday: A Dream Within a Dream REVIEW & TENS LIST
February 21st Saturday: Teen Readers’ Diary FAVORITE AUTHORS
February 22nd Sunday: TTC Books and More REVIEW
February 23rd Monday: Book Lovers Life REVIEW & RANDOM THINGS
February 24th Tuesday: Bookiemoji REVIEW & INTERVIEW
February 25th Wednesday: Chapter by Chapter REVIEW & TENS LIST

Thank you so much to the bloggers who took part in the tour! You guys are the best!

I’ve had some awesome events so far, and I’m getting ready to start traveling soon… Cannot wait to meet readers and talk about THE GLASS ARROW! Here’s a link to my next stops!

Love to you all!




1st Week Reflections


It’s been an amazing and humbling week, and I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of it.

Thank you times a million.

Thank you for giving Aya and Kiran and Brax a chance. Thank you for reading a little piece of my soul that’s been bound up in a book with a pretty green cover. Thank you for being made of awesome.

I’ve learned that the time around a release is really emotional. It’s the culmination of years of work, the merging efforts of dozens of people. It’s a lot of pressure to succeed, a lot of hope that this reflection of yourself will mean something to somebody, a lot of fear of failure. It’s a rush and a thrill, punctuated for me by moments of intense gratitude. This book would never have been published had my editor an agent not picked up Article 5. My first series never would’ve happened if not for the 10 years prior to it, writing query letter after query letter, facing rejection after rejection, wondering if this dream would ever be a reality. Holding The Glass Arrow in my hands I think of all of those things. All those times I quit. All the really good moments that brought me a step closer to my goal. So, yeah. It’s a lot.

I have been asked this week what the one thing I want readers to take away from the book is. There are two things. The first, like with any book, is that I hope that you enjoy it, and that it transports you to somewhere exciting, scary, and hopeful. The other is more personal for me. I hope that you remember that worth isn’t determined by another person or the size of your pants. That you are not only the way you look, but your achievements, your kindness, all of the good things inside of you. I hope you know that somewhere out there someone is rooting for you.

I hope you know that you are worth more than all the stars in the night sky.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride.

Love, Kristen