There is nothing quite as nice as opening your email/FB/Twitter and reading so many well wishes. Thank you! I appreciate your support, stories, and positive thoughts for my baby. My family is happy and healthy and ok, somewhat sleep-deprived, but it doesn’t even matter because we are so, so grateful to have each other.

And while I’ve been gone, look what else the stork brought to my door…

Advance copies of BREAKING POINT!

Aren’t they pretty? Would you like one? If your answer is yes, guess what? Some very special blogger and author friends are giving away copies on their websites throughout the month of October – Happy Halloween! If your answer is no…um…sorry. Perhaps I can offer a hug? Some delicious chocolate chip cookies? Either of those work?

The contests have begun, but stay tuned to my blog, Facebook, and Twitter, because there will be TEN CHANCES TO WIN AN ADVANCE COPY OF BREAKING POINT this month! (AND, if tragedy strikes and you don’t win, I may or may not give you another chance on my website in November. I do love the holiday season!) Click on the links below to be connected to the individual blogs hosting the giveaways. I will add more to this list as the contests are posted.

Stuck in YA Books – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/31/12.

Boekie’s Book Reviews – Open now! Closes 10/31/12.

Eleusinian Mysteries – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/31/12.

Eve’s Fan Garden – Open now to US, closes 10/31/12

Making the Grade – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/30/12.

Also, October 7-13 is Mental Health Awareness Week. I wanted to remind you of this very important time to recognize the struggles and resilience of all those who live with a mental health issue. There’s no shame in needing help and support, and continuing to keep an open dialog about things like depression, bipolar, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other diagnoses, can help reduce the stigma associated with them. No one should be afraid to talk about what makes them sad, hurt, or angry!

Next week I will be posting some national mental health resources available. In the mean time, do something good for your mental health – relax, read a book, paint or draw, exercise, observe your faith, or talk to a friend. I am sending you thoughts of peace and health!




19 Responses to BREAKING POINT ARC’s!

  1. YAY! I will have my fingers and toes crossed for this one! Cannot wait to read Breaking Point! :)

  2. Luz Sandoval says:

    Oh my God!!! I am so excited!

  3. StacyUFI says:

    Oh How I want a copy…..

  4. Katelyn Whalen says:

    AHHHH!!! *faints*
    . . .
    Do my eyes deceive me or is this an epic giveaway?? I am so excited. I will win one!! *gameface*

  5. Vetsy says:

    I would absolutely loooovvvee a copy of Breaking Point!

  6. Andreaya says:

    Who wouldn’t want a copy is my question?^-^ I think my Article 5 copy needs a friend. It looks a little lonely on dorm room shelf without its sequel:) Crossing my fingers and toes^-^ I have to read young adult lit for a class and this would be just perfect. Anyway, I hope things are going splendidly for you and that you and your husband are thoroughly enjoying parenthood through all the ups and downs.

    P.s.I used Article 5 in a lesson plan, my prof. loved the idea^-^

  7. maribel says:

    i loved the first book and i can’t wait tell i read the second books. it was the best book i ever read.

  8. Bri says:

    Ahhhh so exciting! I want one!

    • Kristen says:

      Good luck in the contests! There will be more chances throughout the month if these early ones don’t work out for you.
      Take care,

  9. Meg says:

    I am squealing all the squeals right now. I NEED more Chase (okay and Ember) in my life immediately. Chase’s time to shine on Swoony Boys Podcast is coming up soon, and I am eager to get my hands on more.

    Can’t wait to read!!

    • Kristen says:

      What is a Swoony Boys Podcast? Sounds awesome!
      Looking forward to hearing what you think of BREAKING POINT. I hope you enjoy it as well!
      Take care, and thanks for commenting!

  10. KJBfjedbsvsazvn. I just need to read about Chase some more :D Congratulations on your new book!!

  11. jaime says:

    *cries* I was unsuccessful in getting an ARC which just means that I’m going to be following you around in November LOL


    • Kristen says:

      Oh no Jaime! And you tried so hard! I’m so sorry! Soon I’ll be posting scenes from Chase’s POV, hopefully that will ease the pain. :)

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