Contest Update 2: BREAKING POINT Giveaway!

Just a quick update of all the places where you can win an advanced copy of BREAKING POINT, the second book in the ARTICLE 5 trilogy. It doesn’t come out in bookstores until February 2, 2013!

Stuck in YA Books – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/31/12.

Boekie’s Book Reviews – Open now! Closes 10/31/12.

Eleusinian Mysteries – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/31/12.

Eve’s Fan Garden – Closed! Congrats to Vivien P. from Wichita, KS!

Making the Grade – Open now to US and Canada, closes 10/30/12.

Book Reader Addicts – Closed! Congrats to Nicole M. from Santa Barbara, CA! (Still check out this blog – Steph has also posted her ARTICLE 5 book trailer, actor choices for Ember and Chase, and playlist! She’s a rock star!)

PUSHING THE LIMITS author Katie McGarry’s Website – Open to US and Canada, closes October 30, 2012.

Confessions of a Bookholic – Open to US only, closes October 30th (Jess is doing a ton of Haunted Halloween activities on her blog, be sure to scroll through and check them out – there’s even a cover redesign contest!)

Jean BookNerd: This contest in INTERNATIONAL! Jean is also giving away BREAKING POINT Buttons!

Thank you fabulous bloggers! Thank you to all who enter the contests! Best of luck!

8 Responses to Contest Update 2: BREAKING POINT Giveaway!

  1. Alexis shorkey says:

    I love your book I cant even good it is I love it!!!

  2. WHY ARE THEY ALL CLOSED :’((( I’m so sad I missed them! Omg I seriously may die before Breaking Point comes out. I just LOVE Chase so very much.. And your writing is absolutely fantastic!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Eliza!

      Oh I’m sorry you missed them! Just a few short months until the release, don’t worry! Before then, I will be posting some extra scenes from CHASE’S PERSPECTIVE on my website! Hope you enjoy them!

      Take care,

      • I’ll be reading that until Breaking Point comes out!! I have always loved reading scenes from the boy’s perspective.

        Thank you, I’ll be looking out for them! :)

        Thanks again for your crazy fabulous book and addictive world,

  3. alisha newcomb says:

    I loved article 5 so much I read it cover to cover twice in 2 days! I just love it! When I saw it in the library it looked and sounded interesting so I started reading and instantly fell in love!! Thank you for writing it and I can’t wait until breaking point comes out.
    thank you!
    Alisha. <3

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