It’s the night before my second book is coming out, and I’m sitting here at my computer thinking about how fast the last year has gone. It really does feel like it was just the other day my first book, Article 5, came out, and here I am again, on the eve of a second book release, happy and worried and nervous and well, a little exhausted. But in the best way.

I’d love to say this past year I’ve grown a thick skin, that negative reviews don’t faze me, that I don’t chew my nails down to nothing when people tell me they’re reading my book. But these things aren’t true. I think maybe the sensitivity helps the creative process. I used to think writing a book ended at the writing, but I know better now. It ends with the reader, and maybe not even then. And because you’ve taken a chance to share this journey with me, I thank you. I’ve laid a piece of my soul out for you to see, and feel honored that you have chosen to hold it in your hands. Just for a little while, anyway.

Thank you for reading my books. I know nowadays there are a million things to do every day, and it takes dedication to sit down and read. I appreciate you choosing Breaking Point. I do hope you enjoy it.

18 Responses to BREAKING POINT’s B-day

  1. Lauren Watterson says:

    Your a rockstar Kristen!!!!! You have worked hard for this and deserve all the payoffs!!! :)

  2. Kristin Lenz says:

    That was a lovely note. What a wild ride of a year you’ve had.

  3. Madisen says:

    I finished Breaking Point last night and it was AMAZING! Thank you for all of your hard work writing it!

  4. Petra says:

    Congratulations on the release of Breaking Point. Can’t wait to read it :-)

  5. Esperanza says:

    I’m still waiting to get my copy of BREAKING POINT but I am sure that it will be awesome can NOT wait to read it! You definitely deserve a round of applause Kristen because you have worked so hard! Its obvious in you writing that you put a lot of effort on everything that you do. Admire for you for that:)! Hope this year gets to be even better than the last for you!

    • Kristen says:

      Thank you so much Esperanza! I appreciate the kind words. I do work hard, but it hardly feels like work (most of the time). The joy of doing what you love!
      Sending happy thoughts your way,

  6. Joan Epstein says:

    Hey Kristen! Just started Breaking Point. I love the PMDB VA training (the thumb is the weakest point) and the nod to Rudy Lane. Can’t wait to finish. Come back to Louisville soon. Joan

    • Kristen says:

      Ha! Glad you liked it Joan! I’m coming back to Louisville in March – the 13th I’ll be at Carmichael’s Books!
      Hope to see you soon!

  7. Andi says:

    Hey Kristen. I just finished Breaking Point, it was so good!! I love the series so far and great job on them. I know that u are writing three other books, but I was just wondering are you writing a third book to the Article 5 series? I’m really excited for your other books. -Andi

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks Andi! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! Yes, the third (and final) book in the ARTICLE 5 series comes out around this time next year. In the mean time, there are extra scenes up here if you’re interested!

  8. Christina says:

    I have just read both books and have loved them both! I am very excited for the next book! Has anyone optioned the rights to the book for a movie?

  9. Cheyanne says:

    I’ve read both your books and the extra scenes about five times each! I honestly love your books, you are an amazing writer. I look forward to reading any of your future works! Thank you for writing!


  10. Anna Shoemaker says:

    I just finished Breaking Point last. Ight at 12:30 am. It was a great book!!! I am excited for the next one to come out. Great job Kristen!!

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