Boston + Small Business Saturday

Hiya! Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week I went to Boston to be part of the NCTE ALAN Conference where I met up with my editor, author friends, and some really wonderful teachers and librarians. In case you’ve missed me chatting about it on FB and Twitter, I met one of my long time idols – Neal Shusterman – who is just as kind and thoughtful in person as I always hoped. After a few gushy OMG-UNWIND-ROCKED-MY-WORLD moments, he even asked for me to sign him a copy of my book, which I will never, ever forget.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Hirsch and Cristin Terrill on the panel. Both of their books are amazing (one I read on the flight there, the other on the flight home). Jeff was very kind – he didn’t even point out how much my hand was shaking while I was holding the microphone (which was a lot). He’s an incredible speaker.

So here are a couple pictures!

Boston: home to approximately 50 kajillion people.

Dystopia panel, room filled with teachers and librarians and holy cow look at all those books…

My mind being blown (aka, signing ARTICLE 5 for Neal Shusterman)

And to finish the day – CATCHING FIRE!!!! Fiiiiiinnnnniiiicckkkkk!!!!! So awesome! I loved it!


When I got home I participated in Small Business Saturday and worked at my local indie bookstore for an afternoon. It was super fun spending time with the readers, authors, and blogger friends who dropped by! Yay local business!

The end.

2 Responses to Boston + Small Business Saturday

  1. Kaitlyn Fontaine says:


    I’m nervous to post this but I just wanted to tell you that all the things you write are so inspiring! I love your books and how I can feel the intensity while I read it, how your character’s reactions to their challenges are so much more based on the reality of humans than most books. Even though it’s painful for me to see Chase and Ember struggle I always take away something good from their relationship.

    Thanks a bunch for doing what you do!

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Kaitlyn,
      I’m so glad you posted! Thank you so much! I’m glad you have enjoyed the books – hope you like THREE as well!

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