THREE Release Party!

Hey! If you are in the Tampa area, I would love to meet you! This may be my last event in Tampa for a while, and I hope you can make it!


2 Responses to THREE Release Party!

  1. Connie Dowling says:

    So glad I (finally) took the time to check out your website. Your autobiographical sketch drew me in completely with your warm and witty self-disclosures about your life as a child and teen.I absolutely loved how you tempered references to activities which surely made you a BWOC in high school (I mean, being your school’s drum major is pretty cool and high-status – at least it was at MY high school)with the humorously self-deprecating description of also having one foot planted squarely in geekdom. And could the photos have had any more appeal to all of us relatively normal, not- the-prom-queen ,often goofy kids which, let’s face it, is what most of us were? I think not. The picture of you in your Girl Scout uniform touched me the most and has left me with a strong sense of connectedness to you.Nearly six decades ago I too had my picture taken in my Girl Scout uniform. My hair was lighter than yours, and the uniform was green, not brown (although every bit as fetching and stylish). But it is our countenances which struck me as so similar-here we were, feeling very dignified and grown-up and trying hard to look the part,and yet still innocent enough to be unaware of, or at least unconcerned about, either the unflattering dress design or our knobby knees. Time is so ephemeral, right? Anyway, thanks,KK, for reading this, AND for opening up a window into your earlier life. I haven’t yet read any of your books, but am looking forward to beginning with your most current, which I’ll be procuring on 2/11. Meantime, see you at J.! Connie

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks Connie! I’m so glad you had a good time perusing the website! You are so great, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the books. I hope you like them!

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