A few fast facts about…well…me.

Happy Fourth of July!

I sometimes have a hard time talking about myself, but I happen to be really good at making lists, so here are 10 fast facts about me:

1. The first full-length story I ever wrote was in the third grade. It was entitled Zolic and featured a super-powered crystal, a magic portal between worlds, and two children who rode a goose. I assume this goose was either really big or really strong, but it could have been that these children were just cruel and hated animals.

2. My parents own a cattle ranch, so I grew up slinging hay and cleaning stalls. Also trying to avoid these chores as much as possible.

3. This always makes me laugh:watch?v=DjGwusHrOtk

4. In college, I passed up the opportunity to study abroad in order to do a National Student Exchange in West Virginia. It was a uniquely cultural, eye-opening experience. I mean, it’s not like you can burn couches in the street after a football game just anywhere in the world.

5. I cohabitate with an 80 pound rescued greyhound named Rudy. He sometimes goes by codename Rutabega, or when he’s feeling gangsta, Ru-Deezy.

6. Han Solo was my first crush. For years I genuinely thought I had a chance with him. But then Leia ruined everything.

7. Adam Lambert is my favorite American Idol. I’m pretty sure if we met we would totally be BFF’s. 1) because we both love glitter, 2) because we both are rockstars, and 3) because I love him. 

8. I am Asian/Cauasian, which my relatives in Hawaii refer to as hapa haole, or half-Caucasian (I have always thought it interesting that the Caucasian side of my family refers to me as half-Japanese, while the Japanese side of my family refers to me as half-Caucasian). I don’t speak any Japanese, apart from the words preceding “Mr. Roboto.”

9. I’m allergic to alcohol. As in, deathly allergic. I learned this when I was sixteen and snuck out of the house to go to a party, and then almost died of anaphylactic shock after half a wine cooler. Talk about a buzz kill.

10. I love going to the movies. I like raunchy comedies and superhero movies and most anything that involves mass destruction. Or Channing Tatum.

So there’s a start. Tell me something about you!

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