Moving Sucks

Husband and I are packing up and getting ready to move to Florida, land of oranges and retired people and hurricanes and all things Disney. I’m excited – some great adventures await us there – but I’m scared, too. We’ve lived here for five years (a long time considering I’ve moved eight times in the last ten years). And since we made our decision to journey on, I’ve come to discover that five is a tricky number. It’s long enough to find your favorite restaurants, and friends who don’t mind you raiding their fridge. Long enough that you start forgetting why it was important not to buy heavy furniture, or holiday decorations, or to make plans too far out in advance. 

Long enough to forget it’s easier to keep moving when you don’t let people get too close.

Change, whether it be good or bad, can be hard, and goodbyes are not my favorite thing in the world.

I keep reminding myself that leaving doesn’t hurt if you don’t care. And despite the grief, I’m glad I care. I’m glad this wasn’t just a place we visited, but a place we lived. With people who have changed me, and locked themselves inside of me. Who I will take with me always.

But some things we must leave behind.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a child’s desk. I’ve had it since I was in the third grade which has been, well, a long time.

Now most people will tell you I’m not all that sentimental about schtuff, so I didn’t think I would mind when my husband put it up on Craig’s list for forty bucks. But I did! I was so sad! This was my first and only desk. It came to college with me. I wrote A5 and A6 (unnamed sequel) on this desk! And now it’s gone to some child who probably actually can sit in the chair without his knees banging against the drawers.

Goodbye desk. You were good to me, and I know you’ll be good to another.

And until I find a big-girl replacement, I’ll be sitting on the floor, using a box marked FRAGILE to pound out my work in progress.

Nice, huh?

Wish me luck! I may be quiet for a little while during the move, but I’ll see you soon…with a cool bit of news to share that I’ve been saving…hehehe…

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