Want to see something cool?

We survived the move to Florida! Hooray!

I have abandoned my life in boxes for a temporary holiday – currently attending a dear friend’s wedding in Reno, Nevada. And since things are a bit wonky right now I thought I’d leave you with some excellent news.

The ARC’s are here! The ARC’s are here!

I’ve experienced at least 31 flavors of emotions over the past few days, but here are the highlights. Step 1: SQUEE! OMG IT’S ACTUALLY A BOOK! Step 2: cryfest. Bawllapalooza. Tears because finally. Tears because OMG IT’S ACTUALLY A BOOK. Step 3: Oh no. Oh no, because *gulp* this means that people will actually start reading it. And when people start reading it, they start reviewing it, and oh boy. Just oh boy. It’s a lot to process.

But in a weird, sort of masochistic way (as an aside, I have come to believe that all writers are masochists), I’m sort of excited for step 3.

Anyway. More pictures of my baby!

Apparently UARC doesn’t slide off the tongue as easily as ARC. That’s ok. It sort of sounds like a dinosaur anyway. Or the sound my dog makes when he’s puking. Or something you call someone you don’t like.

And see! It even has pages! Ooooh…pretty paper.

And the back of the cover has A5’s “Marketing Plans.” In all my delusions of grandeurwildest dreams I never thought I’d have a marketing plan. Or a publicist (or an editor, or an agent). Which reminds me. ARC’s are available only in limited supply, and if you’d like to read one to review in the place where you like to review things (your blog, amazon, the steps of city hall) you can contact Alexis Saarela at Tor. Her info is available here. If she’s unable to get you a copy, don’t fret my pet! I’ll be doing some contests on my blog as we get closer to Valentine’s Day (which is A5’s release-into-the-wild day, btw).

So that’s my ARC! Thanks for checking it out, and for those of you who have requested copies, thank you so very much for your interest and support. I so hope you love it. And even if you don’t, I’d love to hear what you think.

In closing, I would like to share some news which really makes me want to jump up and square dance. Every season, the publishing houses release catalogs of all their upcoming releases. Check out Tor’s Winter 2012 cover. Does my editor rock or what? Does A5’s artist rock or what?? I’m so thrilled, and so, so grateful.

Better go catch a plane! Until next time!

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