And the Winner Is…

Hooray! We have a winner for the first ever ARC giveaway contest, featured on Presenting Lenore, the blog of fellow Apocalypsie, Lenore Appelhans, author of upcoming LEVEL TWO.

Without further ado, I’d like to congratulate ERIN L from GEORGIA!!!!!!

An advance copy of A5, complete with my doodles, is coming your way!

Now, don’t worry. If you entered Lenore’s contest and didn’t win, there will be plenty more opportunities just around the corner. A very spooky Halloween contest for instance…more on that to come.

What else is happening…let’s see…

Last week I posted about “Slogging Through the Middle Section”on Brave New Words, a blog for 2012 YA Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic debut authors. If you’ve never been, check it out. The other contributors are pretty effing amazing. So much so, that being in their company makes me more than a little nervous (so says wide-eyed fangirl).

This week I’m rereading my latest completed manuscript before I send it off to superagent. I’m still pretty pleased with it in general – which is good, because usually my sparkly cloud of brilliance evaporates as I trip over plot hole after plot hole in my first read through. At the moment there’s nothing but smooth sailing. In fact, I’m even convinced that child labor (what the story is essentially about) is the next trend in YA lit. You know, vampires, werewolves, fallen angels, the exploitations of child labor… Seems like a natural progression to me. I think they may call this the pink cloud. Not sure.

And now September is here, which means I’m preparing to enter Crazytown once again. Revisions for the second book in the Article 5 series will come in just as I start my first draft of the third. It gets tricky, bouncing back and forth between revisions and first drafts, but ultimately I love it because it gives me more time with Chase. 🙂

Happy reading, and happy writing, and congratulations once again to Erin!!!

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