Stuck and Sticky

Did you have a nice Halloween? I hope so. Your costume was lovely. I mean, spooky. Lovely in that spooky way. I did the witch thing. I know, I know. A witch. So original. The good news is my belt had super sassy rhinestone spiders on it. The bad news is the black lipstick didn’t come off for days. Or rather, it did, but only halfway, so it kind of looked like my lips were rotting off. That was my post-Halloween gift to everyone in the supermarket when I went grocery shopping.

So anyway. I’ve been writing a lot. Okay, that’s sort of a lie. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer a lot. And snacking a lot. Also getting up and pacing, walking Precious Rudy the greyhound around the block, reading, calling old friends, making collages from magazine pictures, thinking about how nice it would be if my house was clean, checking my email, rechecking my email, planning ARC giveaways, and engaging in a lot of angst-baking, as my special friend Julie from Rosewood Pencil Box informed me it was called.

So basically, I’ve been stuck.

Not blocked – it’s not as if I’m going nowhere. I’ve been making progress. Just slow progress. Like walking through honey. I’m about 15,000 words in to book 3 of the trilogy, but have yet to reach that place where I just…can’t…stop… Which will happen. At some point. (Please.)

So yes, I’ve been angst-baking. This week I made Mississippi mud bars, which have lots and lots of chocolate (like 3 different kinds), marshmallows, frosting, and pecans. So maybe the pictures don’t do them justice, but they were fabulous, I’m telling you.

So that was my week. How was your week? Good, I hope. Did you bake anything fabulous?

Before I go I want to say two things:

1. In two weeks I’m going to launch a FIVE WEEK ARTICLE 5 GIVEAWAY! It will begin 11/21 and end the week before Christmas. More details coming soon. Hope to see you back!

2. Happy Dance Time! A few days ago I was absolutely overjoyed to receive an email from Stephanie at Book Reader Addicts, who made my day (Week! Month! Year!) with this review of Article 5. Thanks Stephanie! (Sorry, I just had to share!)


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