Week 1 Winner! Week 2 Contest!

Woo Hoo!

Week one of the 5 Weeks of ARTICLE 5 closes with over 200 contest entries! High five to all of you who entered or spread the word! Thank you! You are so awesome. You make me want to dance.

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that Jena F. is our WEEK 1 WINNER!

Thanks for playing Jena! I will be emailing you with more details.

Now, are you ready for WEEK TWO? (Remember, there are 4 more chances to win over the next 4 weeks, and you must RE-ENTER the contest in order to be considered each week.)

What do you do to enter this week’s contest?

Name and email.

Like last week, a few options for extra entries.

AND ONE MORE THING: With 2012 coming, I want to know one skill you can bring to my team in case the world, you know, turns into Postapocalypsia. Can you hunt? Fight? See in the dark? Whatcha got? (Just a couple words is fine – no resume necessary.)

Thanks for playing, and good luck!

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