Week 3 Winner!

First, in case you didn’t hear, ARTICLE 5 has a new Book Birthday!

January 31st, 2012.

Which is, like, next month.


Second, today I got to do something FABULOUS – announce the winners of a 4th and 5th grade creative writing competition at my local Indie Bookstore, Inkwood Books! These amazing stories were all inspired by the illustrations in The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by the ultra talented Chris Van Allsburg. The creativity of these budding authors blew me away! It was truly an honor to stand amongst them!

In other news, the 5 Weeks of ARTICLE 5 continues!

Our Week 3 Winner is…..Megan at Book Brats!

All right Megan! RAH RAH RAH!

(Megan, I will be emailing you with more information)

Thanks for playing everyone! Remember there are still 2 signed ARC’s left! All you have to do is fill out of the form below (US addresses only – sorry). Remember, you can repost on Facebook or Twitter for extra entries, just fill out the form and let me know what you did!

Have a fabulous day. Week 4 begins RIGHT NOW! (enter enter enter…)


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