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This week has been busy as I’m preparing for the book tour (More information can be found here), and obsessively trying to squeeze in episodes of the Vampire Diaries, which, thanks to my editor, I am now addicted to (Katherine why won’t you leave Stefan alone?? He loves Elena!). But yes, the book tour. I’m so excited for this I can hardly stand it. If you’re around Cincy, Lexington, Knoxville, or Louisville, please come by! I’d love to meet you!

I have heard that the first week of Article 5 sales were pretty awesome…this is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who bought the book, downloaded it on their reader, or spread the good word. I hope you are enjoying Chase and Ember’s journey thus far.

With everything that’s been going on with A5, I had to take a quick break from writing the conclusion of the trilogy (book 2 is currently with my fabulous editor). In the mean time, I’ve been working on revisions for another project – hopefully my next book after the Article 5 series is complete. We’ll call it Top Secret Completely Unrelated Project, or TSCUP. Here’s what I can tell you about TSCUP: there’s a factory, an explosion, and at least one steamy kiss (I’m not sure I’m capable of writing anything without at least one steamy kiss). Just earlier today I sent TSCUP off to my most trusted readers…yikes. That just never gets easier.

I’ve been having a great time on the Teen Book Scene Blog Tour! Thank you so much to Corrine and Kari for organizing all the fun. Here are some of my favorite highlights so far (click on the link to see the full post):

A This or That List at A Good Addiction (In which I find myself entirely too amusing)

An interview with Ember at I B Book Blogging (In which Ember talks Chase…)

Ember’s Favorite Book at That Hapa Chick (In which Ember talks good and evil)

My Teenage Garage Sale at Mel’s Books and Info (I’m selling my sexy band uniform…)

An interview with ME at Word for Teens (Why I want to be a Shadowhunter, amongst other randomness)

Also, a quick reminder that I’m now on Twitter! (@kris10writes ) Stop by and say hi!

Have a great week! Before I go, here are a few FABULOUS PHOTOS I’ve received this week! High-fives for A5! I cannot express to you how happy these pictures make me.

A5 in Chicago, IL

Louisville, KY!

Is that author Katie McGarry?

South Carolina! (Love this)

Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, OR!

The Czech Republic! (Hi Hanka!)

Baltimore, MD

Chattanooga, TN (Love!)

and Reno, NV

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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