Thank you to everyone who entered the ARTICLE 5: Book 2 Title Reveal Contest! I can’t wait to share the cover of BREAKING POINT with you – it’s so awesome. I love love love it. I will post as soon as I can.

In the mean time, how about those winners!?!

The two signed copies of ARTICLE 5 (hardcover) will go to:

Cordelia and Jenn B!

The two winners of the ARTICLE 5 audio books (CD format) are:

Raquel T. and Karin P!

And the five winners of the ARTICLE 5 Bookmarks are:

Aleksandra D., Rosie H., Candy Q., Kelli S., and Jess @ Gone with the Words!

All winners: you’ve got mail! Please check your email asap – I’ve sent you a request for more information. Thanks!


I was blown away by the number of responses, and humbled by the support on twitter, FB, and blogs. You guys are the best. Thank you. High-five for A5!

Before I go back to writing BOOK 3 of the series (you heard me right, BOOK 3!!!), I wanted to share a few of the funny responses I got in answer to “I just thought you should know…” (on the entry form). You guys crack me up. I think I might have to ask this every contest from now on.

I just thought you should know…

  • I like the color red. On Chase!
  • I have always wanted to receive something by owl
  • Jello is yucky
  • I like grilled cheese sandwiches. A lot.
  • I like unicorns
  • I like brownies
  • I wanna win
  • I loved article 5 and am a teacher now my high school lit class is reading it per parental consent (This is great! To whoever wrote this: your contact info did not copy on the form, please email me, I’d love to talk with you more!)
  • I will attempt to do a handspring if I win. It doesn’t look that hard. I’ll try a cartwheel first though, just to be safe.

Thank you to everyone who wrote nice little messages about Chase and Ember as well. You made my day!

So long! See you next week with photos from IRA in Chicago, IL and the signing/reading event in Reno, NV! Have a wonderful week!


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