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Perhaps you’ve heard of my BFF Katie McGarry. She’s pretty much the bee’s knees.

Katie and I met while I was living in Louisville (and actually working on ARTICLE 5). We struck up an immediate friendship – one based on author excitement and writing woes, telling loud, inappropriate jokes in public places, and Panera bagels. Since then, I’ve basically been unable to function without her.

Katie’s book PUSHING THE LIMITS comes out today! TODAY! As in, you can get it RIGHT NOW! And trust me, you want to. Look how excited I am about it.

What is PUSHING THE LIMITS about, you ask? It’s about two people trying to recover from really challenging events from their past, and finding that the only way they may be able to do so is if they work together. It’s a love story. There’s steamy kisses. And I was unable to put it down. I think you will love it. I know I do.

And in case you want, I don’t know, the real description, here you go:

 In Pushing the Limits, two teens, brought together by their court ordered therapist, work together to learn the secrets of their case files, but neither foresaw the shattering consequences of learning the truth regarding their families or of falling in love.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s a bit of it for your reading enjoyment:

Excerpt #2

*Want to read from the beginning? Every stop on the blog tour features new excerpts – the complete tour schedule can be found here: http://harlequinblog.com/2012/07/two-essential-ways-to-build-your-characters/.


Mrs. Collins, Eastwick High’s new clinical social worker, acted as if I hadn’t spoken. She shoved a stack of files to the side of her already cluttered desk and flipped through various papers. My new therapist hummed when she found my three-inch-thick file and rewarded herself with a sip of coffee, leaving bright red lipstick on the curve of the mug. The stench of cheap coffee and freshly sharpened pencils hung in the air.

My father checked his watch from the chair to my right and, on my left, the Wicked Witch of the West shifted impatiently. I was missing first period calculus, my father was missing some very important meeting, and my stepmother from Oz? I’m sure she was missing her brain.


Mrs. Marcos slid the tardy slip to me and gave me her patented stern glare. She was the one person at this school who didn’t believe that me and my future were completely f***ed.

The middle-aged blonde called out, “Mr. Hutchins, I’m thrilled you remembered our appointment, even if you are late. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind taking a seat while I finish a few things.” She smiled at me like we were old friends and spoke so sweetly that for a moment, I almost smiled back. Instead, I nodded and took a seat on the line of chairs pushed against the office wall.

Mrs. Marcos laughed. “What?”

“She’s not going to put up with your attitude. Maybe she’ll convince you to take school seriously.”

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AND, in honor of PUSHING THE LIMITS Day, Katie is sharing an exclusive interview with her leading lady, Echo!

Q.      Do you believe in love at first sight?

Echo: I guess it’s possible, but that’s not what happened with me and Noah. We sort of hated each other for a while. It’s a long story—he misunderstood me, I misunderstood him. It was a mess, but we got through it.

Q.      What or who is the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?

Echo: The thing I value most would have to be my brother’s car. Aires left his 1965 Corvette in the garage. He was almost done fixing it up before he left for Afghanistan. It’s the only thing he left behind and when I’m in the car, I feel like I’m with him.

As for the who, I have two important people in my life: Lila and Noah. Lila is my best friend and she’s stood by me over the past two awful years.

Noah… (Echo blushes) What can I say, I’m in love with him.

Q.      What’s it like to kiss the Noah Hutchins?

Echo: Oh my. Noah is a great kisser. Whenever I’m out in the world, I feel like there are a million things going on and everything always seems so overwhelming. But when Noah pulls me close, all of the chaos fades away and it’s just the two of us.

Kissing Noah is just plain hot and amazing.

Q.      Describe your perfect day.

Echo: There would definitely be a blank canvas and painting involved. I’ve been dying to paint Noah’s younger brothers and I saw this sunset last night that’s demanding to be immortalized.

I would hang out with Lila. Maybe we’d share some brownies. Chocolate fudge with icing on top. That’s her favorite.

And then I’d see Noah. My favorite thing to do with him is cuddle up on the couch of his basement and watch movies. The night would be perfect if we spent some time kissing.

Q.      If your brother were still alive, what would be the one thing you’d like to tell him?

Echo: That I love him. I always think about this day he and I spent with our mom. He made fun of me and I playfully slapped his arm in return. I wish I’d hugged him then and never let go. If he were still here, I’d hug him. A lot.

Q.      If you had to pick five words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Echo: Artist, lost, intelligent, grieving, alone.

But all of those words belonged to who I was before the past couple of crazy months. Now, I’ve got a lot of stuff to sort out, but I’m happy.

Are you so thrilled? Want to read more? Well, Katie is also going on a blog tour this week and you should totally check it out because there are books and swag being given away all over the place! Here’s a list of the places where she will be: http://harlequinblog.com/2012/07/two-essential-ways-to-build-your-characters/

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And just to top things off, I think we should give away a book too!


Please fill out the form below for your chance to win a copy of PUSHING THE LIMITS and a PUSHING THE LIMITS blue ribbon (which will make total sense when you read the book)! The contest closes one week from today – August 6th, 2012 – and is open to US and Canadian addresses only. Winners will be chosen at random and shipped prizes directly from the publisher.

Remember, you can buy PUSHING THE LIMITS at any major retailer today!

Wishing you all the best, Katie!

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