Cover Contest Winners!

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened this cover contest for the extra scenes from ARTICLE 5. I certainly didn’t expect judging it to be so difficult! But it was. Because the submissions I received were fantastic. They were so good my panel (the baby, the precious greyhound, and I) had to call in reinforcements – my agent, my editor, and an author friend for input.

I have decided to post the top 10 entries because again, they were all so awesome. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I am so honored to receive your work, and truly impressed by your creativity.

The first place winner and runner up will be getting an advanced copy of BREAKING POINT (Thank you Tor for donating another to the contest!), as well as buttons made by the fabulous JeanBookNerd, and BREAKING POINT bookmarks (hot off the presses!). The first place winner’s work will appear before the extra scenes from Chase’s perspective, which will launch next week on my website, and continue for the 7 weeks leading up to the release of BREAKING POINT. Everyone in the top 10 will receive swag. Again, thank you so much for entering.

Without further ado, I present to you the top 10:

1st Place: Lisseth T. – New York

Lisseth’s originality and creativity impressed all the judges. Her piece was chosen because it feels like such an accurate portrayal of Chase’s interior – overwhelmed, frightened, chaotic. The scene takes place in the kitchen of the abandoned house in ARTICLE 5, where Chase realizes he is nothing “without the only person left that he loves.”  Look for Lisseth’s work next week on my blog with the first extra scene!


Runner up: Briana H. – Pennsylvania

Gah – this was such a close second. We all loved the sharp contrast of the colors in this one, as well as the eerie feel of the house and the woods. As I’m sure you can agree, it’s awesome.


The rest of the top 10 were all amazing in different ways. They appear in no numerical order below.

Romi F. – Australia

I love the black overlay and the words peeking out beneath. This was such a neat idea, and it really captured our attention.


Andi A. – Iowa

I was so impressed at how much detail went into this interpretation of the camping scene in ARTICLE 5 – from the characters themselves, so the use of the FRANKENSTEIN quote. So impressive.


Pamela R. – Pennsylvania

This one is just beautiful. We all really loved it. Blue is my favorite color, and the banner changed to this color was really eye-catching. I love the images as well, and the sad feel of it. Chase and Ember struggle so much in ARTICLE 5, and I think this really shows that.


Sara S. (and son) – New York

I’m sure we can all agree that this is probably the finest use of crayons for any cover, anywhere. I love the vibrant colors and the attention to Chase standing on the rocks. This one gets my son’s high-five for sure.


Isha L. – London

Isha did such an amazing job transforming Chase to anime! I LOVE how she sees him in this light, not to mention her mad skills with colored pencils. This is excellent!


Jaime and Jake A.  – Wisconsin

People often ask who I would choose to play Ember and Chase if an A5 movie ever came about – clearly I should have chosen Sonic and Tails. This is so great I can’t even contain myself. Sonic. ARTICLE 5. How had I never put these two together before? It’s obviously a perfect match. Well done, guys.


Jacqueline K. – Virginia

This photographer shared with me that she felt this image symbolized the rebellion, and that Chase has the fire of rebellion inside of him. I love this. I love the leaf burning to embers, and I love the fire image, which will play a role in BREAKING POINT. Nicely done, Jacqueline. Great work.


Haley G. – Illinois

As you may have guessed, we are all fans of ruined cityscapes, and this is no exception. This is just how I pictured many of the houses ruined by the war in the story. Love the colors as well. Great job, Haley!


Thank you, once again, to everyone who participated, and everyone who spread the word about the contest. Hope you all enjoy reading the extra scenes from Chase’s perspective. I will begin posting them next Sunday, 12/16/12.

Have a wonderful week!


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