Extra Scenes

Good afternoon friends!

Starting today, and running for the next 6 weeks, I am going to be posting extra scenes on my website. I am so excited and nervous about this. Excited, because I love that Chase Jennings, my dark hero from ARTICLE 5, finally has a voice. Excited because along with these scenes, Lisseth’s AMAZING ARTWORK will  be featured for all to see! (The top 10 cover contest winners are posted here!) Nervous, because, well, besides the fact that these scenes are UNEDITED (yes, that’s right), Chase is about to share some pretty personal stuff. Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit vulnerable.

Anyhow, the scenes will be posted under the EXTRA SCENES tab on my website. If you have questions or thoughts about them, I would love to hear. Email me at kris10simmons@gmail.com (or tweet or FB me) and I’ll do my best to answer.

Happy Holidays everyone! And happy reading!

And remember…BREAKING POINT is coming…

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