Texas, Here I Come!

Oh man I’ve been a bad blogstress. Sorry for the absence, things have just been a bit wild lately with the baby learning to crawl and tearing door stoppers off the wall and climbing the bookshelves and generally just sticking everything on the floor in his mouth… It’s been pretty hilarious though, I have to admit.

Anyway, things are great here! I just finished a video interview for my German publisher, which I will be posting here at some point. If you haven’t met me in person you can finally see just how smooth and articulate I actually am (Yeah. Right.).

AND, I’m so excited because this week I’ll be joining the lovely PJ Hoover, Marissa Meyer, and others to talk about Other Worlds at TLA. Which will be sort of funny, since my world isn’t so other…but hey. It’s going to be awesome. The fabulous Kendare Blake will also be there, but she’ll be talking about Other Stuff. Can’t wait.

Things on the BREAKING POINT front are going well. I’ve been having fun chatting and Skyping with readers, including a very fun Q & A session with the Kentucky School for the Blind this past week. Also, just as a reminder, I do have a study guide for students and book clubs. If you are interested, please email me (kris10simmons@gmail.com) and I will send it over.

Other than that I’ve been editing during baby nap times. My first round revisions for the GLASS ARROW (a stand alone story coming out after the A5 trilogy) are complete, and I’m preparing to work on edits for THREE (ARTICLE 5, book…you guessed it…3). Revising is not always my favorite part of the process, not going to lie, so it’s been a little tenuous. But I always feel better with the product once I’m done, so that’s good.

And with that, I’m off to Texas. Yee-haw, ya’ll. Have a great week!

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