Positively lovely time at the Texas Library Association Conference this past week in Ft. Worth. Got to meet some wonderful people (YAY LIBRARIANS! YAY BLOGGERS! YAY AUTHORS!) and play with my editor, which is always delightful. Here’s the recap.

First, I had caffeine, which I haven’t had in a long time. WEEEEEEEE!!!! AND LOOK AT THE LITTLE TENT THE TEA COMES IN! SO CUTE!

THEN, I played with the thermostat in my room. It totally went up and down by half degrees. Amazing? I thought so.

I had a fabulous time on the OTHER WORLD Panel with Ilsa Bick, Marissa Meyer, PJ Hoover, and Joelle Charbonneau. Items of discussion: optimism vs. pessimism (I fall on the dark side, but ONLY when it comes to the direction our world is heading. Otherwise I’m generally pretty positive.); why teens like dystopians (because they reflect the real world oppression by THE MAN); PJ’s impressive use of excel spreadsheets; and Star Trek vs. Star Wars (or rather, hot star ship captains).

Really excited to finally meet fellow Apocalypsie, Marissa Meyer!

I got to spend time with Fabulous Frain, editor extraordinaire…

…who foolishly left me alone in her room for 5 minutes. Maybe next time she will think twice about that…

So, as you can see it was awesome. Thank you Tor for sending me!


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