Boston, Virginia, Taiwan, and THE WORLD!

Hi there! So a lot has been happening lately, and I suppose it's time to update the old blog. First of all, we're gearing up for the release of THREE, which comes out in United States on February 11, 2014. (You can pre-order it if you like!) At one point that sounded like it was really far away, but not anymore. It will be accompanied by awesomeness of course, a blog tour arranged by the fantastic Jean BookNerd, visits here and there and everywhere... Ok not everywhere, but lots of wheres. More to come on that soon.

In the meantime, here are some things that I've got going on:

On Monday, November 25th, I will be presenting at the NCTE conference (National Council for Teachers of English) in Boston on a panel called Celebrating Dystopia. Also on the panel, Neal Schusterman, Jeff Hirsch, and Cristin Terrill. It will be a great, and I am not nervous about it at all. Not even a little bit. Not even kind of. I mean, so what if Unwind was one of the books that inspired me to write.

Moving on.

I will be in Northern Virginia on March 7-8 for the NoVa Teen Book Festival. I'm super excited about this. Lots of great authors there to meet! After that, I will likely be making a few stops through the Midwest, but I do not have the dates for that yet.

This: (I mean, wow, right?!)

Here’s the back:

This is the ARTICLE 5 cover from Taiwan. What do you think?

On the writing front: yes! I have been writing! In fact, time is so tight these days with the baby that I only have a couple hours a day (naptime) but I have become highly productive during those hours. I've mostly been working on the two books following the Article 5 series, The Glass Arrow and Metaltown, which you've heard me blab a bit about if you're on twitter. If not, here's the skinny:

The Glass Arrow (2015) is a story about a girl who's been captured in the wild to be sold for breeding rights at the city auction. Torn apart from the family she's vowed to protect, Aya must rely on the help of some unusual allies in order to get them back. If she's too late she'll be sold, and it will just be a matter of time before they befall the same fate.

(I'm terrible at writing these things. I hope that sounds intriguing.)

Metaltown (2016) is the story of three teenagers pulled in different directions by the factory they all work for. They know they make parts for the bombs used in the war that rages between the federations, and that if they stop, their people will lose the upper hand, but the factory conditions are worsening, and clocking in is becoming more dangerous than the front lines. They must decided if they will continue to take the abuse or wage their own war on the factory owners who oppress them.

So that’s a little of what I’m up to. Thanks for checking in!

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