Release Party Photos + GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday night (February 11th), I attended the release party for the final book in the ARTICLE 5 trilogy, THREE, hosted by Inkwood Books in Tampa, Florida. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about saying goodbye to Chase and Ember. On one hand, good riddance – I’ve had you two in my head for WAY too long! On the other hand, I sort of feel like I’m saying goodbye to the closest of friends. It’s a lot to process.

The release party was really wonderful. Well attended. Beautiful, quirky little bookstore. Some of the kindest booksellers in the world. Great questions and lots of hugs and shortbread cookies and me only coming sort of close to crying like twice. We laughed a lot too. All in all it was a great close to a major part of my life.

Thank you for reading the books. Thank you for your support and your emails and tweets and FB messages and mostly, for loving Chase, and Ember, and Sean (never thought people would love him so much…). You have made me the happiest author in the world. I am humbled, and grateful, and proud.

I’m heading back to revisions on THE GLASS ARROW (my next book) now, but I’d love it if you checked out the THREE BLOG TOUR. There are interviews, vlogs, reviews, and of course, an ENORMOUS GIVEAWAY. This is the end of a series, after all!

Before I say goodbye, here are a couple pictures from Tuesday night. Thank you again to everyone who attended and made this happen. I am so honored to have my book be a small part of your life.

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