The Awesomeness of the Last Two Weeks


So I’m back. Whew. For now… And it’s good to be home. But the last two weeks – first with NoVa Teen Book Festival, and then the THREE NIGHTMARES YOU CAN’T RESIST Tour, have been amazing. So grateful to Tor for sending me on another epic adventure. I love my publisher.

Since I’m never good with recaps, especially in my books (haha…ok, moving on), I’ll share a few pictures from the road.

First, this happened at the airport, which was not my favorite. There were sirens and everything, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the whole get-on-a-plane thing, but it ended up being fine.

Virginia was fabulous. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the first ever NoVa Teen Book Festival. I had such fun getting to talk to some of the great writers I’d only had a chance to connect with via email. Ellen Oh! Marie Lu! Claudia Gray and Jessica Spotswood and Meagan Spooner and Cristin Terrill and Diana Peterfreund and Victoria Schwab! All ladies I look up to! (Can you sense my excitement yet?) It was so awesome to find that they were just as incredible in person as I had hoped.

(Meagan Spooner, Jessica Spotswood, and ta-da! Me.)

The lovely Jenna Black and I had a great time hanging out with these fangirls. They were the coolest.

Hannah Barnaby, author of Wondershow, and I did some school visits on Friday before the madness began. She is so smart you guys. And she wrote a book about circus freaks. Amazingness.

I had a great time on the “Survivor” panel Meagan Spooner, Claudia Gray, and Jessica Spotswood. I may have even raged about misogyny in our society at one point. It got wild.

And then Cristin Terrill and I tore it up on our small group discussion. There was talk of an interpretive dance…but we restrained ourselves.

So, NoVa was incredible…

But it was time for the book tour!

It was so, so exciting to be able to promote THREE on some of the same paths that Ember and Chase took on their journey. We drove from Virginia to the Midwest, bypassing some of the scarier places in the Red Zone…

…and met my tourmates Jenna Black, author of approximately 400 books (or 18, close enough), but most recently the Replica Series, and Mindee Arnett, blond and blue haired author of The Nightmare Affair (and the Nightmare Dilemma) and Avalon. We had so much fun. Maybe too much fun…

We did things that scared us…

…including school visits, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

We had an awesome time visiting with fans and talking about our books. And we learned that we can talk…a lot.


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