The Next Step

So hi. I’m in the midst of moving from Tampa to Cincinnati, and life is sort of insane AWESOME right now. Moving. Bleck. Anyway, we’ve only lived in Tampa a little over three years, but I’m finding it harder to say goodbye than I thought. I’ve made some good friends here. The local indie bookstore hosted all three launch parties for the ARTICLE 5 books. This is where my son was born, and over the past few weeks I’ve been reliving all of the memories he’s given us in this house. The hallway we walked up and down (and up and down) at 3AM trying to get him to fall asleep. The living room where he took his first steps. I wrote four books in Tampa. Some on my couch when my office became the baby room, some standing at the kitchen counter because there was nowhere else to set my laptop, and some at a local coffee shop that was kind enough to proclaim a table outside as “Kristen’s office.”croc

(I can honestly say I had no intention of doing either of these things when I was in Florida)

I see nothing but good things on the horizon. (Joseph Beth Booksellers! Sledding! Louisville – home of ARTICLE 5 – just an hour away!) We will love Cincinnati, but Tampa will always hold a special place in my heart.

All right, Midwest, get ready. We’re coming back!

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