Let the Madness Begin! GLASS ARROW Swag Bag Giveaways!

So, I’m excited. Like, crazy excited. I am REALLY EXCITED for this book you guys. (Which book? THIS BOOK. THE GLASS ARROW.) So I’m gonna give away some stuff.

For months I’ve been planning this wild sweepstakes giveaway spectacular spectacular, and it’s finally here. Now, hang with me, because the details are a little complicated, but I have faith we can get through it together.

First off, here is what’s up for grabs:

Swag Bag

It’s a bag of goodies with things that make me think of Aya’s story (A GLASS ARROW magnet; a cedar scented candle to remind Aya of home; a clover charm, because her nickname in the book is Clover; a wolf charm because…well you’ll see when you read it; an arrowhead, because, duh, it’s called THE GLASS ARROW; and a signed, folding GLASS ARROW bookmark.

So how do you win? Simple. Today on Facebook and Twitter I posted a teaser quote for THE GLASS ARROW. Share it. Spread it to the world. Retweet and post on your blogs. Print and frame and give to your mother. Tell your barista at the coffee shop about it. And then come back here and enter to win a swag bag and possibly…and ARC of THE GLASS ARROW! (Gasp!)

I will close this contest in ten days. The next day I will pick two winners and announce them. And then…we’ll do it all again. I have eight swag packs I want to give away, people! That’s four contests! That’s eight chances to win! And yes, this is open internationally!

Oh, and I’m going to throw in two hardcovers of THREE and two advanced copies of THE GLASS ARROW at some point, just because you’re awesome.

THREE GABut for now, won’t you help me spread the word?

Your quotes are on FB: HERE and on Twitter: HERE.

And if you want to preorder THE GLASS ARROW. You can at any of these lovely places, just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Thank you. Truly.

Good luck!
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