Happy Holidays!

Hi there!

The holidays are here, and whatever you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), I hope this finds you in a happy, healthy place.

2014 was such a wonderful, crazy year. This time last year I was preparing for the launch of THREE, the final book in the ARTICLE 5 series. It was emotional for me – I was saying goodbye to Chase and Ember, two characters who had been in my head for years. But not just that, I was preparing for the close of my first published series, something that had taken a decade to accomplish, something that had proven to be one of the biggest learning and growing experiences of my life. It felt like the best, and saddest goodbye, and a large part of the reason it took me so long to write that last book was because I was delaying the inevitable. But then the celebration began. I was fortunate enough to travel all sorts of places to meet readers and bloggers, teachers and librarians, fans of Chase and Ember. It is a gift to know that someone read your book. It is humbling to know they enjoyed it. But to hear that it meant something to them, really meant something, is moving in a way I couldn’t imagine. Thank you to everyone who came with me on this journey. If we ever meet, expect a long, awkward hug. I’m really good at those.

There was writing this year, too. A lot of editing, but a lot of words down, too. I finished revisions on THE GLASS ARROW. I fixed up METALTOWN (a story about sweatshop workers) for my editor, which will be released in 2016. I finished outlining a book I’ve been researching for more than two years, and when I started writing, everything was FABULOUS until I realized the holes in my plot were big enough to swallow half the world. I went over it again and again, I talked to author friends about it. I revised, and adjusted, and it still wasn’t working. So. I did the thing that writers hate doing. I threw it out. I trashed 40,000 words, which was just under half of the story. I went back to the drawing board, reworked my outline, and just recently started again. This was about as fun as cutting off my own arm. But here’s the thing. What I’d done wasn’t working. This is the way it goes sometimes in writerland. It sucks, then it gets better. I’m about four chapters in on the new draft, and feeling remarkably more hopeful about the whole thing.

In the middle of this, we moved to Ohio, which has been awesome. The leaves change color here. It snows in the winter. People bring casseroles and homemade bread over when they say hello. All in all, it’s been delightful.

So here I am, lucky enough to be preparing for a new launch. I am very, very excited to share THE GLASS ARROW with you all. I’m nervous about it, of course, because it’s a little different, a little more sci-fi, but it’s a story I love. I hope you love it, too. While you read it, I’ll just be in the corner biting my nails. As always, I’d love to chat with you about it. I’m pretty easy to get on email, twitter, and FB.

I’m traveling some, too! Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, and Virginia are all on the list. NoVA TEEN Fest, Houston BookCon, and RT are all confirmed. I’m posting the details as they’re made available to me. You can find them here.

So that’s where I am. Wherever you are, I hope it’s happy. Thank you for another wonderful year. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know.




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