How are you? Good? Good.

I’ve been traveling to talk about GLASS ARROW, meeting all sorts of really wonderful readers and librarians and bloggers. I read at Moore High’s Literacy Event in Louisville, KY, alongside their student writing group (and was completely floored by their work, let me tell you.) I played with author friends in Northern Virginia for NoVaTEEN Book Fest and caught up with fans at events in Tampa, FL and Crestview Hills, KY. Life is good, and as always, I am so humbled to have you all on this journey. (For a list of future events, check here)

As I was traveling, I was also thinking IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! And I’ve been so moved by the different artistic interpretations of THE GLASS ARROW that people have shared that I think we MUST work that in. (Do you remember when we did this for the extra scenes from the ARTICLE 5 series? I LOVED these projects!)


I will be giving away 10 signed bookmarks, and 1 signed copy of THE GLASS ARROW (okay, maybe two, we’ll see how it goes), to my creative friends out there. How do you enter to win? FAN ART. I WANTS IT. Send me a picture of your beautiful GLASS ARROW artwork (any medium – drawn, sculpted, cupcaked, jewlryed, finger nailed, etc.), and I will pick 10 winners at random (one to win the signed copy of the book!). Just email a jpg of your work to kris10simmons (at) with GLASS ARROW ART in the subject line, along with your first name and state and/or country of residence, and I will pick winners. International? Sure! We’ll keep this open for the next three weeks, closing on Wednesday, April 22nd.

I will be posting the top 5 photos on my website and social media sites, so if you would rather I not share your work, please specify in the email.

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

PS. For those who have asked, I do have another extra scene from the world of THE GLASS ARROW which I will be releasing soon to those who subscribe to my NEWSLETTER. The link to subscribe is on right right side of this screen. Right there —-> See it?

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