If you haven’t heard, the ladies at YA Chicks have created a lovely holiday – Read or Write Anywhere Day! They are giving away TONS of stuff – books (including a signed copy of THE GLASS ARROW!!!), swag, Skype visits, chapter critiques, THE WORKS.

So how do you win? EASY. Using these five incredibly difficult clues, figure out where I am in the picture below, then enter your answer on the YA Chicks website, HERE.

Here I am!


And here are your clues:

1. I am not in my house, I am not with a mouse.

2. I do not drive a Lexus, I am somewhere in Texas.

3. Not a bit undercover, I’m such a BOOKLOVER.

4. Now let’s not get frantic, I’m someplace ROMANTIC.

5. If you know the TIME, finish this rhyme: Hope ya’ll paid attention, I’m at the _ _  CONVENTION!

Know where I am? Quick! Enter your answer HERE! Good luck everyone! And thanks for playing!

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