10 Things You Should Know about METALTOWN

My next book, METALTOWN, is set to come out in Fall 2016, but before the year ends I wanted to share a few (okay, 10) things about it. But because I’m evil (BWAAAAAHAHAHHA!), I’m only going to tell you one thing a day. We’ll call it the 10 Days of Torture. Shall we begin?

1. Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of the story:

Colin and Ty know to keep their heads down. They wake up each morning at dawn, search for clean water, and take their spots on the factory line. The work is hard, the pay inconsistent, but it’s the best shot they have of surviving the streets. So when Ty is hurt on the job, Colin knows he has to do something. No work means no food or shelter, and he’s not willing to let his best friend face that fate. He’s going to save her, even if it means going to the one person they vowed never to trust – the daughter of their employer.

2. I call it Les Mis meets Newsies. Without the big dance numbers. And the singing.

3. There are three alternating perspectives in this story. Two are girls. One is…gasp…a BOY.

4. No dogs (or horses, or cows, or lizards, or cats, or Bald Eagles) were harmed in the making of this book. (I PROMISE, OK?)

5. It is my favorite story that I’ve ever written, with my favorite character I’ve ever written. This means that I’m both thrilled and terrified to see it released out into the wild

6. METALTOWN is a standalone novel (not part of a series). This means you DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT TO FIND OUT HOW IT ENDS. It’s all there in one neat, tidy package.

7. So what IS Metaltown anyway? So glad you asked! Metaltown is the factory district within the fictitious Northern Federation capital, part of the larger, also fictitious, Silah Peninsula. It’s a dingy, sort of scary place, where you have to fight for fresh water and food that hasn’t been contaminated by disease. Lots of people are struggling to find work there, and those that do end up taking unsafe jobs, like building parts for weapons with their bare hands while surrounded by only sort of stable chemicals and no protection to speak of. To sum up – hidden hot spot! Vacation Destination #1! Get your tickets today!

8. In METALTOWN, a “charter” is like a labor union. (What’s a union? Click HERE to find out!) This is a big part of the story.

9. In METALTOWN, a “press” is like a strike. This is also pretty important.

10. As we know, books need readers to survive, especially in cold, hard Metaltown. In the coming months I will be releasing a series of newsletters with exclusive MTown content and information. I need your help to spread the word – or as we’re going to call it, PRESS BACK. Those who join the press can earn advanced copies of the book, super awesome swag (which I have been working on in secret and OMG YOU GUYS IT’S GONNA BE COOL), and my lifelong adoration. To receive my newsletter and find out more, sign up here, where it says “PRESS BACK, SIGN UP FOR THE CHARTER NEWSLETTER” —–>

So…are you ready to PRESS BACK? I certainly hope so!

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