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March 7, 2016

Hello Charter Members!

(Make sure you read to the end of the newsletter—there’s a GIVEAWAY!)

It’s March, and so many good things are happening in the METALTOWN universe! The cover reveal happened on February 11th in Entertainment Weekly, and it went swimmingly. (I am so in love with this cover. Have I mentioned that?) I am speaking on a panel at C2E2 (a comic con) in Chicago, and am signing at Anderson’s Bookshop, also in Chicago, on March 21st
At 7PM. And more people every day are PRESSING BACK to help spread the word about METALTOWN!

So what does it mean to PRESS BACK?

Pressing back means standing up for the things that matter to you. It means saying the things that need to be said, or holding quiet when silence is stronger. PRESSING BACK is about defending the things you believe in.

What do you press back for? I press back for my family. I press back for my friends. I press back against the stigma associated with mental health, so that anyone who needs help doesn’t need to face it alone.

Sometimes the world fights you. Press back for the things that matter.

Here to explain how it works in my next book is Caris Caldwell, a reporter in Metaltown, with an exclusive look at what’s happening in the factory district.


By Caris Caldwell

Tri-City, Northern Federation—A new charter has formed, and they’re ready to take on the big boys.

For years, the Northern Federation’s factory district, known to locals as Metaltown, has been represented by a single charter, the Brotherhood. Catering only to adults working in the metal, uniform, and chemical divisions, the Brotherhood has served as a voice for the working men and women, assuring they are treated properly by the owner of Hampton Industries, Josef Hampton.

“It’s been my place from the beginning to make sure my people get what they need,” said Jed Schultz, leader of the Brotherhood, and often referred to by locals as the People’s Man. “The Brotherhood ensures fair pay and medical care for all it’s employees. If one of us is struggling, we take care of them.”

But not all employees have been so fortunate. Those under the age of eighteen, specifically those working at Division II, more commonly known as the Small Parts Factory, have claimed mistreatment by their employer, and abandonment by the Brotherhood when they sought help.

“Solid work builds character,” Schultz said. “At some point everyone needs to learn that.” When asked about the working conditions at the Small Parts Factory compared to other locations, he declined he comment, but did add that it was “unwise” for another charter to form without the Brotherhood’s permission.

Unwilling to be ignored, the workers of the Small Parts charter have taken matters into their own hands.

“Hampton won’t listen to us without a charter, so we’ll be a charter,” said a worker going only by the name Matchstick. “We’ll make it so he’s got to listen.”

How does he claim the new charter will get the owner of Hampton Industries attention? Through a press—the workers refusing to return to their jobs until they are treated fairly.

“We don’t work until the boss meets with us,” said Matchstick. “We got our demands. He wants us back on the factory line, he’ll give us what we want.” It’s been years since the last factory press, which led to the formation of the Brotherhood.

Will the man in charge of the biggest weapons distribution company in the entire Northern Federation listen? That much remains to be seen.

Interested in helping the Small Parts Charter? JOIN THE PRESS.

Members of this elite team will serve as ambassadors for Metaltown, spreading the word about the press by taking part in a series of special missions. Those who PRESS BACK will be rewarded with treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Only a few spots left remain on the team. Those interested need only fill out this form and await instructions:



Help PRESS BACK with this awesome METALTOWN button! Fill out the following statement and post your answer on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the #METALTOWN.

For Twitter and Instagram: I PRESS BACK for __________ #METALTOWN @kris10writes

For Facebook: I PRESS BACK for ______ #METALTOWN (tag me in your post so I can see it, or post it on my page, HERE.)

I will choose 10 winners at random in the next week! (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED)

Stay tuned next month, for an exclusive first look at the beginning of METALTOWN, including the opening paragraph from each of the main three characters of the book!

Hope to see you in Chicago!

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