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Hello Charter Members!

METALTOWN Madness is spreading! People are Pressing Back all over the place! (What does it mean to Press Back, you ask? Click HERE to find out!) Book Expo of America (BEA) and Book Con were FANTASTIC. I was able to meet so many of you I’ve only known previously online, and talk about my next book, METALTOWN, for the first time. I was able to visit with author friends as well—I fangirled over Laini Taylor, who was awesome enough to pick up a copy of METALTOWN, and yell at Kendare Blake for killing me with THREE DARK CROWNS (so good).

Susan Dennard (WINDWITCH), Sarah Porter (VASSA IN THE NIGHT) and I had way too much fun on our panel, moderated by Katie from Mundie Moms (she’s the best!), and I got to hug all my favorite bloggers and book friends (Swoony Boys! Fic Fare! Read Write Love! So many more!).
FullSizeRenderAND. And I arrived to my signing of METALTOWN to hear that people had woken up HOURS earlier to get in line for tickets! I was blown away! You guys are the best!
So yes, HUGE success. Thank you to everyone who came out to BEA and Book Con. I adore you all.

As promised, Caris Caldwell has returned with an exclusive look at the setting of METALTOWN: In case you missed her first article, you can find it now on my website HERE.


By Caris Caldwell

Tri-City: One third wealthy, one third middle class, and one third ignored by the rest of the nation.

Known to those on the outside as the factory district, Metaltown is a mystery to most residents of the Northern Nation. With its dangerous reputation, and ever-present chemical smell on the air, it’s largely avoided by the residents of the River District and Bakerstown. But Metaltown, just across the beltway from the shopping quarter, is home to more than half the residents of the Tri-City, and some of those residents are demanding their voices be heard.

“We break our backs for the rest of the nation,” says Matchstick, a sixteen-year-old worker at Division II, or Small Parts Labor, part of Hampton Industries. “Every day I pack the chemicals into bombs without goggles or a mask, or even gloves. I don’t even get a break until the end of the day.”

Matchstick’s story is not unlike dozens more in the factory district. Children, some of them five and six years old, gather spare pieces off the dirty floor at Small Parts Labor, or are counted on to finish putting together weapons because of their small hands. “It’s work, ain’t it?” says a boy called Chip, but despite his brave attitude, he, like many others, are frightened of losing this job.

“We get fired, we’re on the streets. You need some green to get a bed at the board and care, and the nuns at St. Mary’s only have so much free food to go around. Most of us will have to turn to food testing if we lose our place here,” says Matchstick.

The testing he refers to is done at the county jail, where volunteers are taken to sample food in order to determine which items have been contaminated by the dangerous toxins known to cause the corn flu.

With such a bleak situation, one might wonder why they choose to fight for their jobs. The simple answer? Pride.

“This is my home,” says Matchstick. “This is where my family lives. Nobody takes that away from me.”

And we should all hope they don’t, because those workers who are building bombs with their bare hands account for ninety percent of the Northern Federation’s economy. The prosperity of our federation entirely depends on the final third of the Tri-City. The workers. The survivors.

Thank you all so much for reading Caris’ new report. Remember, stay tuned this summer for her short story, appearing on, for a deeper look into the world of METALTOWN. And look for my next newletter the first Monday in July—I’ll be giving away another ARC of METALTOWN!

***PRESS BACK MEMBERS: Expect a special email from me IN TWO DAYS (June 8th) with another chance to win points toward the Most Awesome of Awesome METALTOWN Swag Packs!***


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