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HOORAY! IT’S 2021!!! I don’t know if this year will be better than the last, but while it’s still young, there’s hope, and I’m going to go ahead believing that it’s possible. Let’s go 2021!

Is there any better way to kick off the year than with a new book? PAYBACK, the third and final installment in the Deceivers series comes out February 2nd, and I’m both thrilled to share it with you, and devastated that my time at Vale Hall is over. I’ve enjoyed working on this series so much. It called to me from the very first lines, and has held me captive through draft after draft. I never want to leave Vale Hall. (Maybe I’ll go back someday…maybe?)

Thank you, reader, for giving these books a chance. I know they were different from anything else I’ve written—not dystopian or fantasy, but the contemporary retelling of my favorite Norse myth, the story of Valhalla. As a writer, you’re never quite sure where the muse will lead you, and I was taken somewhere I never could have imagined—a school for con artists. Thank you for loving Brynn and Caleb (and Henry—I get the most mail about Henry!). Thank you for putting up with Grayson and Geri. Thank you for screaming at the twists and turns, and leaving me shouty caps messages that I’ve ruined your week (in the best way), and telling me you, too, want to go to Vale Hall. I am so glad this series means something to you.

I’m very proud of this final book. Where most series advance in a linear fashion, this book advanced like layers on a cake (a red velvet cake, to be specific). Everything you thought you knew about Grayson Sterling and Dr. O is about to change yet again. I hope it shocks you—it sure as hell shocked me!

So here’s a bit about the book. You can order it anywhere books are sold!



Brynn Hilder has conned a lot of people. From the spoiled rich kids of Sikawa City to her mom’s loser ex-boyfriend, from a motorcycle gang to a senator’s son. If there was money to be gained, or a secret to uncover, she figured out how to get it done. And thanks to Vale Hall and its director, Dr. David Odin, she’s found a family of hustlers just like her.

Together, Brynn and her friends have overcome doubt, deceit, and betrayal to unearth the truth–a truth even a group of professional scammers couldn’t have predicted.

And now they must tackle the biggest con artist of them all: the man who brought them all together.

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Happy reading, happy 2021, happy everything.


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